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Wholesale Solution

A real-time wholesale sales service solution offering you the tools to generate sales from anywhere.


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Generate wholesale deals any time, any place, anywhere.

Connect every aspect of your business wirelessly and effortlessly. Free your business from unnecessary and delayed paperwork.

Ensure speed and accuracy by providing your staff and buyers access to the latest warehouse inventory and price updates.

Grow revenue by using tools like Sales Analytics and the Reporting toolkit to learn key information on sales performance and warehouse inventory.


Office Portal

For Your Sales Reps

Allows access for Sales Reps to display items, view previous orders,as well as to place and review new orders offline. It helps to make real-time decisions possible

Placing orders becomes as easy as a click of a button.

For Your Buyers

Display your items online to allow your clients to order directly from you without hassle. Provides live access of inventory to customers.

Be up-to-date, so they can keep your item on their shelf.

For Your Business

Create your own URL to help promote your business! You have the freedom to choose how to display and feature your items to reach your unlimited market.

Who doesn’t want an Online Business Card?

Key Features

Easy Platform

All services work seamlessly to provide your customers with the best ordering experience. The platform is simple and easy to use.

Crucial Elements

The Portal comes packed with many options to personalize you and your buyers' experience. Set defaults that organize and search your inventory.

Target Audience

The Portal is designed with mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your WebStore is going to look great.

Constant Assistance

You can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving our services regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Integration & Software

Here to help make ordering easier for your customers

Full Integration

Human Error Free
LodDepot automatically syncs with QuickBooks, or your BackEnd software. Orders are made, sent, invoiced, and reported seamlessly.

Full Synchronization:

Price Levels
Quantity on Hand
and constantly updating this information

Connect to Headquarters

Custom Quantities

Selling items by the unit, but receiving them by the crate? Customize your Portal easily!


Connect to your BackEnd office software effortlessly

Analytics Toolkit

Ability to view sales trends, analyze information in detail, and forecast future orders

ltem Templates

Create simple and easy to use templates for incoming products

Near Real-Time

All inventories are updated with every sync, making it simple to access the most updated information

Personalized Services

Have any special requests? Call us!


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$100 / mo
  • Office Portal, Web Store and Online Catalog
  • Track inventory and Cash transactions
  • Track your item inventory by expiration date, shipment date, size, or category
  • Adjust your items with different Custom Quantities to keep the most accurate information
  • Up to 500 transactions per month * *
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$150 / mo
  • The Mobility Plan includes all Basic features plus:
  • Office Portal, Web Store, Online Catalog, and Mobile Catalog
  • Order from virtually anywhere using the Mobile Catalog
  • Be ready with instant information regarding orders, shipments, and inventory
  • Up to 500 transactions per month * *
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$200 / mo
  • The Premium Plan includes all Mobile features plus:
  • Office Portal, WebStore, Online Catalog, Mobile Catalog, QuickBooks©, and Zoho Books© Integration
  • Synchronize your QuickBooks© or Zoho Books© Sales/Purchases Sales or Purchase transactions to include all updated Inventory, Customers, Vendors and Price Levels
  • Up to 500 transactions per month * *
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Premium Plus

$250 / mo
  • The Premium Plus Plan includes all Premium features plus:
  • Office Portal, WebStore, Online Catalog, Mobile Catalog, QuickBooks©, Zoho Books© Integration, Warehouse picking functionality, and UPC scanning support
  • Up to 500 transactions per month * *
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  • Office Portal, Mobile Catalog, Web Store, Online Catalog and QuickBooks© Integration
  • Custom Integration with your Office BackEnd software
  • Secure synchronization of your transactions to provide the latest and most accurate information
  • Related Software Updates
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To compare plans please visit our website’s desktop version to access the fully detailed features list compared side by side





Premium Plus


Office Portal, Web Store and Online Catalog
Track inventory and Cash transactions
Track your item inventory by expiration date, shipment date, size, or category
Adjust your items with different Custom Quantities
Mobile Catalog (supports iOS and Android)
QuickBooks© and Zoho© Integration
Warehouse Picking Functionality and UPC Scanning Support
Custom Integration with your Office BackEnd software
Note: * Every 500 additional transactions is $25 per month.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Office Portal is a platform installed onto your computer that allows you to track and report sales. We work primarily with companies that use warehouse inventories for regularly ordering customers.

The Online Catalog is essentially an Online Business Card - use it to promote your business to prospective customers. Post your items and customize your site!

The Web Store is for your existing customers to place orders and review inventory independently. This keeps their shelves constantly stocked with your items!

Yes! You can place orders, search contacts, and review inventory all offline to provide the most accurate information.

Mobility involves our mobile services, allowing you to sell your items off-site based on near instant information. Premium allows businesses to synchonize their existing Quickbooks© system to coordinate effortlessly.

We provide a solution for small and mid-size warehouse based businesses to simplify how their customers place orders.

Whether it be in person, online, or remotely, we ensure effortless ordering!

We can offer a completely customized plan for your business, with specific needs and services in mind. We work with you to figure out what features are essential for your success.

We are comfortable working with many different BackEnd operating systems. We will also provide any necessary assistance. Give us a call!

Our Basic Plan is for small businesses looking for simple office management and accounting.

The Mobility Plan, typically for larger businesses, provides all of the above as well as a Mobile Catalog for Sale Reps to place near real-time orders at off-site locations.

The Premium Plan is essential for existing businesses that use Quickbooks© and Zoho©. We synchronize with your BackEnd operations to conduct effortless ordering and purchasing.

We work with you to integrate your process and our platform to ensure the success of your businesss. Give us a call or contact us here!

You can start today by calling or contacting us here.

We will provide any assistance!

Yes, we offer a 30-day trial period! This way you can see if this tool is the right addition to your business. We will provide help and service to make the transition as easy as possible.